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Primary Research Methods to Be Used in Writing Dissertation

Primary research is the collection of data for the first time when conducting a research or writing a dissertation and this data is collected for some specific purpose, either to prove some theory or to negate it. While there are numerous other types of researches, yet primacy research is considered the most genuine and accepted readily as it yields better results. Even though it is more expensive and time consuming, yet primary research is the preferred method of collection data for students as well as the educational institutes

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There are several methods that can be used for research like interviews, questionnaire, surveys, observation etc. when it comes to use primary research methods to get the first hand as well as the most genuine results that can be trusted.

This article brings some of the most common and accepted primary research methods that that used in essay writing services and help students to collect and present their data the best way for best results.



Interviews are the most useful method for data collection if personal information is required for writing a dissertation. It can be used in both quantitative and qualitative research and the interviews can be conducted on the telephone, internet as well as face to face to gather information the right way.



Primary research data can be collected by observing the people while working in an organization. Researcher can make efforts to collect the information by sitting in the market and observe the customers. Observation is useful as primary research if consumption of total time and cost is required.



Questionnaire is a statement that contains a series of questions that will be asked from the subjects. However, the research has to make sure that the subjects are honest in their replies and do not manipulate the data and thus affect the research results.


Focus Group

In this method of primary research, five to eight members sit together and discuss a particular problem. All the members provide their views related to problem as it helps in getting the required data. It is more useful in organization when interviewing and questionnaires are not so helpful.



With help of surveys, the researcher can collect information by sending mails of questionnaires to the respondents. Surveys are the best means of primary research which help to keep the costs minimum by avoiding the traveling cost and also take less time.



This mode of primary research is necessary when a new product is launched in the market. Samples of the product are either given for free or sold in the market to check the response of the customers and judge the product quality and it is with their feedback that the researcher can improve the quality of product if needed.


It is up to the researchers to select the primary research methods to be used in writing dissertations as or how they see fit and use them to get the maximum benefit.

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